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Burundi - Long Miles Natural

The Long Miles Coffee Project was started by Ben & Christy Carlson whose goal was to facilitate relationships between coffee producers and roasters. Their operation has flourished since 2013, helping farmers to thrive while providing the world with exceptional and exciting Burundian coffee! 

This naturally processed coffee was a micro-lot of only peaberries and processed at their Heza washing station. We love this coffee from start to finish! In terms of flavor, it is very sweet and has all of the lively fruit qualities you may expect from a naturally processed coffee while managing to retain balance and cleanliness.

Available in a resealable bulk pouch, 6 cup box (single serve) or 48 cup box (single serve). Each packet contains 5g of freeze dried coffee. Add 10 oz of filtered water (hot or cold), give it a stir and enjoy! 

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