Specialty Instant Coffee - Swift Cup Coffee - Variety

There has never been a better time in history to be a consumer of coffee! Innovation on all levels of the supply chain have created the best coffee the world has ever known. And for us, we find joy in making these great coffees a bit more accessible.

Swift Cup Coffee started with a dilemma, "why is instant coffee awful?" That question quickly turned into an obsession. Internet wormholes, tireless experimentation and learning a few things the hard way has given us a product we are proud to share! We're a small and growing team from Lancaster, Pennsylvania and for those times your morning ritual just can't happen or you’re stuck at the office or traveling, we've got your back. Finally, good instant coffee!


We start with high quality, ethically sourced coffee that is roasted to accentuate the natural characteristics of the fruit. Using a proprietary process, we carefully brew the coffee to a very flavorful concentrate before slowly dehydrating the coffee through freeze drying. The resulting solubles are preserved in time and ready for you to enjoy a great cup of coffee anywhere, just add water! 


  • What is the shelf life of Swift Cup instant coffee?
    • Truthfully, it's hard to say. Studies show that freeze dried foods, when stored in ideal conditions can last years! We are hesitant to make any claim, but all signs are pointing towards a VERY long time. Please store in a cool and dry place to help extend shelf life. 
  • Are your coffees fair trade and organic?
    • Fortunately, no. Many coffees labeled, "fair trade" leave much to be desired in producer & farm sustainability and quality. The roasted coffees we work with were purchased much higher than Fair Trade pricing. In respect to organic sourcing, we do not specifically seek out organic coffees. It's a complicated industry and we'd love to chat more about it {shoot us an email}.
  • What is the best way to make this coffee?
    • The good news is, it's hard to mess up. For one pack, a standard 8-10oz mug of hot or cold water will be a great starting point. Give it a couple stirs and enjoy! 
  • Can we sell your instant coffee at our shop?
    • Yes, check out our Stockists page for details!