• What is the shelf life of Swift Cup instant coffee?
    • Truthfully, it's hard to say. Studies show that freeze dried foods, when stored in ideal conditions can last years! We are hesitant to make any claim, but all signs are pointing towards a VERY long time. Please store in a cool, dry place to help extend shelf life. 
  • Are your coffees fair trade and organic?
    • Fortunately, no. Many coffees labeled, "fair trade" leave much to be desired in producer & farm sustainability and quality. The roasted coffees we work with were purchased much higher than Fair Trade pricing. In respect to organic sourcing, we do not specifically seek out organic coffees. It's a complicated industry and we'd love to chat more about it {shoot us an email}.
  • What is the best way to make this coffee?
    • The good news is, it's hard to mess up. For one pack, a standard 8-10oz mug of hot or cold water will be a great starting point. Give it a couple stirs and enjoy!  
  • Can we sell your instant coffee at our shop?