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Ethiopia - Agaro

Nano Challa is part of the newly formed Kata Muduga Cooperative Union in the Agaro region of Western Ethiopia. Agaro is home to some of the most highly sought after coffees in all of Ethiopia with familiar Cooperative names like Yukro, Duromina, and Hunda Oli.  This washed coffee from the Nano Challa Co-op is comprised of heirloom landraces grown at elevations between 1,900-2,200 meters above sea level. 

This is a very elegant coffee. Expect crisp florals, lively citrus and a black tea like base that really highlights what we all love about many washed Ethiopian coffees. 

Available in a resealable bulk pouch, 6 cup box (single serve) or 48 cup box (single serve). Each packet contains 5g of freeze dried coffee. Add 10 oz of filtered water (hot or cold), give it a stir and enjoy! 

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