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(NEW!) Ethiopia - Guji Natural

This exceptional coffee was produced by Ganale Dulacha, a coffee farmer who lives with his wife and four children in southern Ethiopia’s Guji Zone. Guji is a region consider by many to produce some of the finest Ethiopian coffees and this lot is no exception!
This naturally processed coffee was harvested at peak ripeness and meticulously dried on raised beds. It underwent multiple rounds of hand sorting and turning to ensure even drying. The results are nothing short of a spectacular cup of coffee! In terms of flavor, expect classic dry-processing qualities like fresh berries while retaining crisp florals and a delicious milk chocolate finish. It's one of the cleanest naturals we've ever tasted!
Available in single serve sachets (6 pack / 48 pack) as well as bulk resealable pouches (25 cup / 50 cup). Please store in a cool dry location to preserve shelf life.

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